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Best homestay in Mukteshwar

Homfortable Loshgyani

Homfortable Loshgyani, an experiential & offbeat stay in Mukteshwar

Homfortable Loshgyani, an experiential, offbeat stay and the best homestay in Mukteshwar, is a beautiful creation. Rooted in nature and speaking to nature is how the retreat is built. It integrates rustic mountain charm and a modern and luxurious vibe with much subtlety. The living spaces have been restored to their present charm with much thoughtfulness.

The estate is surrounded by a gorgeous 360-degree view of dense Oak and Deodar Forest, sparsely situated fields, fruit orchards, and a 180-degree snow-capped Himalayan view on clear sky days. This 2-acre estate is majestically positioned on a tabletop around 10 kms away from Mukteshwar.  It is a perfect destination for slow and leisure travel.


This boutique and intimate six-room offbeat stay in Mukteshwar has a magical and mystical vibe due to its location and view. The location makes the stay ideal not only for an offbeat getaway but also for meditation, yoga and wellness retreats.


The living spaces are a beautiful integration of modern and traditional, providing sustainable living. The cottages have been thoughtfully built, using locally sourced materials, like stones, wood and mud, by local artisans primarily using the traditional art form of mitti-chinai (mud joints).


The main rooms at the property give phenomenal views right from the comfort of your room. Step out onto its patio to get a broader look at peaks like Kedarnath, Trishul, Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Panchachuli, Chaukhamba, and Hathi Parvath to name a few. The Himalayan range visible from the property starts at Garhwal Himalayas to Nepal Himalayas - a beautiful 180-degree surreal view. 


The four rustic rooms - Aine, Asteria, Cyfrin and Bari face the northern view and are beautifully designed inside out. Complete with an elegantly designed veranda and patio to give you beautiful views of dense forest, valley and 180-degree snow-capped Himalayan range, the rooms will take your breath away with their understated yet elegant design.


The best seller of our offbeat stay in Mukteshwar is a one-room independent heritage stone and wood cottage that has been painstakingly restored to its current charm and glory by Kumaoni masons and artisans. Walk into Althea, as it is called, and feel the authentic Kumaoni vibe at its best, complete with a rustic veranda that evokes old-world charm like none else.


Albrun is an independent large family mud and wood cottage. Standing majestically in a quiet corner of the estate, this cottage is made in true Kumaoni style with architecture focused on being one with nature. The rustic yet modern and luxurious interiors of this cottage are bound to take your breath away and will give you views in multiple directions.


The estate also boasts of a large, plush and luxurious two-floor dining and lounge and is a beautiful common living space giving some of the most beautiful vantage points of the snow peaks and lush forest. The lounge gives awe-inspiring views from its first-floor open deck and is the highest vantage point on the property.


The estate is complete with beautifully curated outdoor sitting spaces dispersed across the homestay to give you views and vantage points in all directions.


Begun to be known as one of the best homestays in Mukteshwar, Homfortable Loshgyani has won the hearts of its guests with not just its bespoke experiences, hospitality, aesthetics, views, room and bed comfort, hygiene, cleanliness and sumptuous food but also due to its attention to detail coupled with professionalism and personalised attention through its services.


Especially, a paradise for couples and honeymooners, it offers plenty of enchanting rooms that are designed to give couples seclusion and romantic views.


Soul-stirring food experience


You will experience a very differentiated dining menu at Homfortable Loshgyani, with multi-course and multi-cuisine meals on offer. A lot of preparations served are Kumaoni take on some popular food preparations.

So, relish the experience and allow us to indulge you in our Chinese, Continental, Italian, Indian and Kumaoni fare - all presented with much elegance to satiate your taste buds. Deserts and Soups are part of the menu and you will experience a Kumaoni take on many of these too making this a true testament to our all-rounded experiential hospitality agenda.


Bespoke experiences


Homfortable Loshgyani offers you bespoke experiences and positions the property as a destination in itself through an all-rounded holiday experience. So, from simple soul-stirring forest treks and village walks to beautifully curated outdoor sitting experiences with views to behold. From awe-inspiring snow peak views to Pahadi Kitchen Live experience. From Evening Elements experience to soulful 360-degree views. From visual satiation through elegant design and interior aesthetics to dining presentation and food experience. You are fully covered with our offbeat stay in Mukteshwar.


Speaking of some unique experiences -


 1. Evenings Elements experience: A specially designed evening in the outdoors with beautiful and carefully curated sitting in moody candle lit ambience. Set on an open field adorned with 360-degree views and the entire field lit up with candles and fairy lights, the evening presents itself with surreal views on the field and all around in the distant mountain slopes. With warm fire lit and live barbecue in close company, the experience is unique and one to behold.


 2. Pahadi Kitchen Live experience: You experience Kumaoni delicacy preparation in an authentic Kumaoni kitchen on a Kumaoni chulha with the chef complete with some local tales and stories. In the company is Homfortable’s take on high tea - The Kumaoni High Tea with Ajwain Tea and Aloo Gutke with Bichu Ghas Sabzi prepared with you, by you, for you - right there!


3. Kumaoni Thali lunch: An authentic Kumaoni lunch served with authenticity and finesse with a palette complete with mouth-watering Kumaoni preparations sure to leave you wanting more! This one is best known in the region for its authenticity.


That mountain holiday in the Himalayan Lap - The one that you always desired


Mountains evoke emotions and help you fulfil desires that have been lingering for a long. That desire to take offbeat trails to offbeat locales. Mountains dare you to push your limits and help you accomplish specifically the Himalayas.


The Himalayas have long since been known to touch a special cord in you. The Himalayas love the loving heart and embrace its ardent fans. The most romantic and offbeat mountain getaways in the world are heart-warming places and this is no different from the case with Homfortable Loshgyani.


Set in the lap of the Himalayas, it offers all the thrill and luxury that’ll leave you in awe. From jaw-dropping views to some of the most unusual in-house experiences - the property presents itself with elegant products and services.


The estate simply embodies everything romantic in its true form and in its nature. Along with that the estate brings certain ease and a well-rounded comfort. Something not easily to be found in the mountains. Something completely HOMFORTABLE! Looking for the best homestay in Mukteshwar? Your search stops here.


Important notes

1) Please note that the last 500 metre approach road stretch is a Kaccha Forest Road made of stone. Please do ensure to call us from the Bhalad village board point, so that our team can receive you at this point and guide you up through the last forest road stretch. Please do not attempt to drive up on your own to avoid any inconvenience.


2) We are a forest retreat surrounded by dense oak and deodar forest and although very comfortable and luxurious, can greet you both indoors and outdoors with wild bugs, insects, butterflies etc. They are harmless and co-exist with humans peacefully.

House Rules

1) Request your kind consideration and adhere to our meal times so that we can serve you to the best of our capabilities, clean up after you in time and maintain privacy for other guests.

Breakfast - 9 am – 10:30 am

Lunch - 1 pm – 2:30 pm

High Tea – 4 pm – 5:00 pm

Finger Food Evening - 6 – 7:00 pm

Dinner - 8 pm - 9:30 pm

2) Please be mindful of the check-out time so that the rooms can be prepared for the next guests coming in.

Check-in: 2 pm

Check-out: 11 am

3) Guest meals menu is fixed and is designed to give maximum variation in food preparation throughout your stay. It is also created to give a fine dining experience to our guests. There are no customisations allowed to the menu. If you require any customisations like vegan or gluten-free food, we request you to let us know of it during the time of booking. The tariff will be decided accordingly and preparations made.

4) Bonfire is not included in the tariff and is priced at Rs 2000 for 2 hours burn. Beyond 2 hours, it will be charged at Rs 1,000 per hour. Please do not request the inclusion of a bonfire in the room tariff.

4) We are not a typical Hotel or Resort and we do not serve meals in the rooms. Our meals are elaborate multi-course affair and neither our operations nor our room design supports such a service. We are focused on providing enhanced mealtime experiences through our cuisine and dining and therefore the meals are served only in the dining and lounge, a large comfortable space on the estate.

5) We are trying to stay sustainable to the best of our capability and water is a scarce resource in the mountains. We change towels after every 3 days and bedsheets after every 7 days for a single check-in.

6) We do housekeeping on a need basis and you can let us know in the morning on days when you need to have your room cleaned. There is no housekeeping facility available after 1 pm so please communicate the requirement by 10 am at the latest.

7) Please be mindful of energy conservation and switch off lights and other electric devices when not in use.

8) We are a fully self-sustainable estate through water harvesting. Also, again water is a very scarce and expensive resource in the mountains. Please use it judiciously.

9) Although our homestay is a pet-friendly property, we do not allow pets on couches, beds, and tables to stay true to the hygiene and cleanliness standards that Homfortable has set for itself. Any violation will incur Rs 2,000 of dry-cleaning charges per piece.

10) All our rooms are non-smoking rooms. Smoking is strictly not allowed in the rooms and lounge.

11) Opening timings for the Dining and Lounge - 8:30 am - 10 pm. There will be no relaxation to this house rule.

12) The Marshall speaker kept in the lounge is not allowed to be used outdoors or taken to the room. Request you support and gracious acceptance to this house rule.

13) There is no driver accommodation facility available at the property. Although you can make arrangements for the stay of drivers in nearby market and we can guide you with this. This is totally subject to availability. 


Things to do


Homfortable Loshgyani is perfect for those who like to enjoy quietness and seclusion in the middle of nowhere and simply enjoy that slowness and laziness one desires away from the humdrum of daily routine.


So simply sit back, relax and allow us to take care of your comfort, while you lounge around doing NOTHING. The sheer abundance of natural beauty with a 360-degree view along with our bespoke experiential hospitality will not give you an opportunity to observe time!


This gorgeous 2-acre estate is peppered with carefully curated outdoor sit-outs to allow you to hear the silence of seclusion, the sounds of the forest, and chirping birds while you sip a hot cup of tea, coffee or lemonade as you desire.


Or you could:


  • Curl up a book


  • Play some board games in our aesthetically designed lounge


  • Experience forest bathing 


  • Hear nature’s orchestra


  • Walk through the dense forest right up to a temple on the hilltop (30-45 mins walk one way)


  • Gaze the beautiful and starry night sky


  • Undertake a deep Forest Trek to Hartola (1-hour walk one way)

  • Visit Neem Karoli Baba Ashram - Kaichi Dham (~ 30 kms)



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