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Best Places to Visit in Nainital

When we talk about beauty, serenity, and most importantly, a hill station, one name that definitely pops into our heads is Nainital. From beautiful British architecture to charming lakes, this place, situated in Dev Bhoomi, lets explore some best places to visit in Nainital

Quilted in the Kumaon foothills, Nainital is a beautiful retreat at an elevation of about 2000m, formerly quite popular during British rule due to its captivating beauty and weather.

Nainital is set around the Naini lake (from where it derives its name). The place is well known among tourists for its scenic views and serene atmosphere.

So, what are you even waiting for? Pack your bags for next weekend to visit this beautiful place.

Here is the list of some beautiful places to explore and make memories in Nainital; this experience will definitely get you hooked on this place.


The beautiful city of Nainital got its name from the “Naini lake”. This lake is home to multiple activities all year round. The place can be visited with friends, family and lovers. With options of boating, with both pedal and rowing, or yachting, there is something for every tourist on the lake.

This place is a must on anyone's bucket list of friends and family. Set in the heart of the city, this place is absolute to visit.


Spread over an area of 4.6 hectares, the G.B PANT ZOO was established in the year 1984 and opened to the general public in the year 1995 onwards. The zoo was officially named G.B. Pant Zoo in the year 2002.

This splendid zoo is one of the high-altitude zoos present in India other than the two which are located in Darjeeling and Sikkim. This zoo is home to various beautiful and endangered species, such as the Tibetan wolves, royal Bengal tiger, leopard, Japanese macaque, white peacock, barking deer, rose-ringed parakeet, crocodiles, gharials, etc.


If you are a fan of quaint, scenic places with mountains blanketing your vision, Snow Viewpoint is a perfect place for you to explore. The snow viewpoint exhibits a gorgeous view of Nanda Devi peak. The snow viewpoint is situated approx 2 km away from the central city. Tourists get a dazzling view of the Nanda Devi peak and Trishul peak from this zone.

A perfect place for you to unwind or declutter your mind from the chaos of the world. Sipping on hot coffee and some snacks gives you an ideal time to chill and relax. You can also visit the small and enchanting temples located in the area.

On a short walk, you will find a quaint and scenic Tibetan monastery—Gadhan Kunkyop Ling Gompa.


The Raj Bhawan in Nainital is a two-storied building with 113 rooms in it. It was used by the British as their summer residence. The construction of the Raj Bhawan started in 1897 and finished in the year 1900. It was constructed by British architects as well as planners, F.W. Stevens, along with H.S. Wildeblood and F.O. Oretel.

The residence is now home to the governor of Uttarakhand and is known for its gothic-style infrastructure, a close replica of Buckingham Palace.

The majestic residence also has a beautiful landscape covered with lush green scenery of oak and deodar, a swimming pool, and a golf course.


If you are on the hunt to buy some souvenirs or just want to have a little shopping spree, Mall Road in Nainital is the place to go. With multiple shops thronging one side of the road, you can shop for different things such as handicrafts, wooden and bronze decorative items, and scented candles of different sizes and smells. From handmade handlooms to any souvenir of your choice, you can expect to shop a lot here.

The famous mall road is located on one part of the Nainital lake. You can also just take a stroll around the lakeside, connecting Mallital to Tallital. Being a commercial hub, you can relish and unwind here. From food, clothes, and shoes, there is something for each person here.


One of the most cherished places among the tourists as well as the locals is the Dorothys seat or the tiffins top is a picture-perfect hilltop located in Ayarpatta. The Dorothy's seat or the Tiffin's top was built by a British army officer in memory of his late wife, Dorothy Kellet. She died of septicaemia. The name of the officer was Col. J.P. Kellet, from the City of London regiment.

This popular picnic spot is situated away from the bustling streets of Mall Road. This place is an absolute delight for avid photographers. The place gives an exuberant view of the entire Nainital city with a gorgeous backdrop to capture in your memories forever.


What better than the addition of some beautiful and eccentric places to your trip? One such must-visit is the aerial ropeway in Nainital, an eccentric ropeway running from Mallital to the top of the hill, this experience should definitely be check marked on your bucket list, giving you an absolutely gorgeous view of the Naini lake while going in the ropeway is simply awesome.


As the name suggests, this popular flea market is thronged by people all around the year. The market is located at one end of the mall road and has a lot of Tibetan goods for sale. The market is well versed with different kinds of goods such as Tibetan bags, shawls, handwarmers, ethnic dresses indo-western jewellery, etc. This place has a wide variety to choose from.

If you are a person with good communication and bargaining skills, what could be better than shopping for beautiful souvenirs of yourself and your family members within a budget? After all, it's a dream come true, but do keep in mind to not let oneself go because this is their primary occupation.

So what else are you waiting for? Pack your bags now for this beautiful city and experience a wide variety of scenic spots, from Tiffin's Top to Naini lake, to seeing some endangered species in the Nainital zoo.

Give yourself the experience of a lifetime and make some unforgettable memories.

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