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Social Impact

  • Homfortable is committed to enabling rural employment and our team is fully comprised of people from the rural community. We provide the new hires with the necessary training before inducting them into our team.

  • Homfortable is also committed to support the agenda of Gender Pay Parity at the most grass root level and we have ensured pay parity for all our workers/ team members, whether men or women. The renumeration at Homfortable is defined by the type of work and any disparity between genders has been removed. Gender pay disparity is the norm in the local villages around here with women being paid marginally less than men.

  • We are also committed to promotion of local food, culture and artisan skill. We are staying true to the Kumaoni architecture style and also provide extensive employment to local artisans to allow them to showcase their craft of building traditional living spaces. Kumaoni cuisine is extensively served at Homfortable Loshgyani to allow our guests the taste of local flavours and cooking style.


Sustainability Agenda


  • Homfortable is committed to sustainability agenda and focusses on some key aspects to further this. 

  • Water is a scarce resource in the mountains and Homfortable is committed to operating sustainably with regards to water. The entire tourism unit is fully self-sustaining through water harvesting with no water pipeline connection at the property.

  • Sustainable development primarily using natural and locally sourced materials for construction is at the heart of Homfortable's values.

  • Solar energy for providing running hot water in washrooms instead of water heaters.

  • Energy conservation by way of using traditional and age-old established techniques to keep living spaces warm in winter. The interior walls of the living spaces have mud coating (called mitti-lipai") bringing in a lot of natural warmth to the rooms.

  • Homfortable is committed to minimal solid waste generation. As an example - Mini one-time use toiletry bottles and hand soaps have been replaced with refillable long term use medium sized toiletry bottles including liquid hand wash in all washrooms. No mineral water bottles are given to guests and only natural and filtered spring water is served to guests. This generates no solid waste of plastic bottles commonly found otherwise.

  • Upcycling is a way of life at Homfortable. As an example, all alcohol or wine glass bottles left behind by guests are upcycled to be used as drinking water bottles in all rooms, dining and lounge after thorough cleaning and sanitisation.

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