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Trekking places in and around Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar is a quaint hill town, well known for its exotic ambience, trekking, breath-taking

views, amazing weather, and appealing scenery of the snow-clad Himalayan ranges.

Apart from the general view, Mukteshwar is also a beautiful getaway for different kinds of people. From having a cosy atmosphere to nerve-wracking yet beautiful treks, this hidden gem with a rich heritage offers you an abundant way to explore nature once you visit here. Exotic travellers often take time to look for bewitching trekking locations to satisfy their hearts and souls.

So here are 6 top trekking places in Mukteshwar which will definitely raise your adrenaline.

Tagore Top, Ramgarh

Ramgarh 'Tagore top' got its name in the early 1900s when gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

resided in this place and composed parts of His Magnum Opus 'Gitanjali'.

If you are a beginner, then Tagore Top has a perfect trail for you to follow. At an altitude of 5000 ft above sea level, the trek to the top of Tagore top is absolutely mesmerizing. People looking for solitude in the Himalayas must explore this scenic, thrilling, and phenomenal trail in Mukteshwar.

Throughout your way to the top, you will come across many apple orchards that are under the government. These orchards have recently been paved with a path leading to Tagore Top. This beautiful walk through the mountains will rejuvenate your mind and leave you gushing for more of this jaw-dropping view.

Bhalu Gaad waterfalls,Mukteshwar

A cascading waterfall called Bhalu Gaad can be found close to Mukteshwar. If you want to hike to a calm and tranquil place, then Bhalu Gaad waterfalls is a definite place for you to check out. The hike to this beautiful waterfall in the woods is quite short, about 2-3 km. It is only 10 km from the main town of Mukteshwar. You can start your hike to the Bhalu Gaad waterfall from the village of Dhari. The Bhalu Gaad waterfall is one of the utopian places found in Mukteshwar, surrounded by dense forest.

You can absolutely enjoy this small trek with your family and friends with some of the

spectacular memories that you will make here.

Himalayan Fir Forest Hike

The Himalayan Forest hike is also a beautiful hike filled with birds, butterflies, and greenery. It is a very beginner-friendly hike. The 4km short trek is blanketed with lush green forest.

This short hike is perfect for people who don't like to walk a lot but still want to enjoy nature in its prime beauty. For those, the Himalayan Fir Forest hike is apt. You can explore the forest area, watch birds, and spend some quality time in nature.

This place can also be enjoyed with friends and family. You can also take your kids here for a hike and some bonding time with your little one.

Chauli ki Jali, Mukteshwar

If you are a person who loves adventures and that adrenaline kick, this chauli ki jali, or jungle

trek, is definitely a match made in heaven for you.

The trail is behind the Mukteshwar temple and is one of the most underrated places, not known

to many. This place, however, is very well known and popular among the locals. You can also see the panoramic view of the Himalayan range from this place.

Mukteshwar-Sitla trail

Mukteshwar has some of the most beautiful trails to discover, and one such hidden gem is the Mukteshwar-Sitla trail. The Mukteshwar forest in the Kumaon region has some of the most beautiful patches of Himalayan oaks. This particular trail stretches 12 km from Sitla to


Walk-in on the Mukteshwar-Sitla trail and you will be in awe of the greenery and lush green

woods and narrow hill paths.

In short, this place is an iconic trek or hike for a hiker to break the monotony.

Kumaon Village hike

The Kumaon village hike is an experience of the native Kumaon lifestyle, delicacies, and culture of this place. The hospitality of the people will make a home in your heart. The utopian beauty of this place will make you go gaga over the place. On visiting the Kumaon village, you can interact with the locals over here and they will take you through the terraced fields, farms, forests and many such places. You will definitely make some warm memories of this place.

So, hurry on and add these treks to your bucket list. After all, the explorer in you obviously

deserves to go to such offbeat, idyllic,

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