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How to plan a weekend trip to Mussoorie

Mussoorie is heaven on earth with its sprawling Himalayan ranges, cascading waterfalls, and unparalleled sunset points. In this blog, we will discuss on how to plan a weekend trip to Mussoorie.

Mussoorie, a mesmerizing hill station in Uttarakhand, is one of India's best destinations. Celebrities from all over the world also visit Mussoorie to enjoy the stunning valleys.

It's possible that three nights won't be enough to see everything this place has to offer. However, a three-night, four-day Mussoorie itinerary would be ideal for those with limited time. In terms of this itinerary, you will visit Camel's Back Road, Kempty Falls, Company Garden, and Dhanaulti, among other major destinations. Your itinerary for three nights and four days in Mussoorie will be completely surreal thanks to the perfect synchronization of hotels and activities!

You will need to take a flight to Delhi and then a connecting flight to Dehradun, the country's domestic airport. After that, you can take the bus or train up to Mussoorie. Find the ideal day-by-day itinerary for your three-night, four-day trip to Mussoorie below, and prepare for an unforgettable getaway!

Itinerary day by day:

  • Day 1: Mussoorie arrival and Camel's Back Road visit

  • Day 2: Visit Kempty Falls and Company Garden

  • Day 3: Exploring the beautiful city-Dhanaulti

  • Day 4: Shopping at Mussoorie Mall Road, and Departure

Day 1: Mussoorie arrival and Camel's Back Road visit

Subsequent a little and having an adventurous feast, gear up for your experience at Camel's Country road. Due to its proximity to the city centre, a significant number of tourists frequent this location. Natural rocks in the shape of a camel's hump line the length of the road.

You can expect mesmerising views of the Himalayan ranges from Mussoorie, one of the most picturesque hill stations. With your loved one, this is the ideal spot to view the Mussoorie sunset. Don't overwork yourself on the first day of your three-night, four-day Mussoorie itinerary. Get back to your hotel, eat something light, and then go to sleep.

Day 2: Kempty Falls and Company Garden

The second day of your four-day, three-night Mussoorie itinerary will kick off with a visit to Kempty Falls. It is a great spot to take Instagram-worthy pictures and is one of Dehradun's most well-known tourist attractions. It is the ideal spot for a picnic because of its precise location at 4500 feet above the surrounding mountain cliffs. Additionally, you can cool off with a swim at the bottom of the falls.

The Company Garden Nursery is a region possessed fun park which is an optimal spot to visit alongside your loved ones. Flowers and lush green lawns line the ornamental garden are a bliss to the eyes. Hence, it fills in as the ideal spot for you to loosen up following a tedious day. The Company Garden amusement park has a wide variety of rides, so if you have kids with you, they will have a great time.

You can visit the Company Garden nursery and take a leisurely stroll through the garden while your children are having fun. Make sure you get some potted plants so you can keep them as mementos at home. The Company Garden Nursery likewise offers an adaptive perspective on the Himalayan reaches. Despite the fact that a movement costs, it is absolutely worth the effort! Prepare for Day 3 of your itinerary for three nights and four days in Mussoorie by returning to your hotel.

Day 3: Explore Dhanaulti

On Day 3 of your Mussoorie itinerary, which includes three nights and four days, you will need to get up early because you are going to the scenic paradise of Dhanaulti. If you like to go off the beaten path, Mussoorie is a great place to visit. Dhanaulti has a lot of things to offer visitors. Surkanda Devi Temple and Eco Park are two examples. Going there with your loved ones will be an unforgettable experience.

You can get a sense of Mussoorie culture as you pay your respects at the Surkanda Devi Temple. Visit the Eco Park to get a glimpse of Mussoorie's natural beauty. You can also plan an overnight camping trip to Dhanaulti if you have more time. It will undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful vacation activities you will ever have. Enjoy a mouthwatering meal before preparing for a tearful goodbye the following day.

Day 4: Shopping at Mussoorie Mall Road before Departure

Who doesn't like to do shopping? Literally no one! No one can shop themselves to roam on the beautiful streets and shop a bit. And that's what we'll do on our last day. The fourth and final day of your four-day, three-night itinerary in Mussoorie includes a trip to Mussoorie Mall Road. Now, you won't just be able to shop here; there's more to it than that. To satisfy the modern traveler in you, there are also a few arcades and ice-skating rinks. Dressing up in a traditional Mussoorie costume and taking photos to keep as mementos at home is yet another interesting activity you can engage in. It's presently time to say farewell to Mussoorie and bring your train or trip back home.

Even though your itinerary for three nights and four days in Mussoorie has come to an end, this stunning hill station is sure to welcome you back. At last , book the best luxury homestay in Mussoorie for an offbeat & luxurious experience.

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