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Best Luxury homestay in Mussoorie

Homfortable Paneru

Paneru is for seekers of solitude and offers tranquillity in abundance.

Homfortable Paneru gets you off the grid! If you are looking for a “thinking and self-actualisation” holiday in a homely and comfortable environment, while being pampered with warm hospitality, Homfortable is your destination. Homfortable Paneru is inarguably one of the best luxury homestays in Mussoorie region.


This luxury homestay in the Mussoorie region with the slightest touch of Garhwali vibe, near Dehradun, is perfect for city dwellers looking to escape the urban humdrum. With toothsome food on call, gorgeous views, and happy hues, Paneru will take your breath away. With its red carpet welcome, Paneru’s Italian architect subtly combines countryside flavour with modernity.


Paneru is undoubtedly sought after as a luxury homestay in the Mussoorie region. With Paneru you get calmness, forest greens, river streams, colourful butterflies, untouched wilderness, breathtaking views, deep colours and Indian-styled motifs, sumptuous food, and Garhwali cuisine. You get Homfortable Hospitality coupled with its unique brand of professionalism.

Tucked into a very quiet corner near Dehradun - Mussoorie Road, just about 20 kms before Mussoorie, sits Paneru quietly in a forest sided corner, as part of a larger one-acre estate. This large private cottage has an elegantly designed living room, dining room, bedroom, washroom, veranda and large open lawns with pretty multi-level gardens. Ideal for a couple or a small family of four, you get a personal chef and an experience manager fully dedicated to serve your needs and make your stay memorable.

The Cottage called Paneru

Paneru aesthetic is a “know it when you see it” style. It is sleek and minimalist, with a loyalty to soothing colour schemes. You are surrounded by straight edges and smooth surfaces. It's void of chaos and clutter and offers space, inside out. 

Uncover a stunning staycation, nestled on the edge of Mussoorie Foothills, where luxury living and charming retreat moments await you at our homestay. The experience is just wow! This epic countryside escape, this amazing homestay deep in the Mussoorie Foothills is the ultimate escape for small families and couples. So flee the ordinary to uncover the charms of Paneru, where it promises luxury living, dreamy views and peaceful moments in nature. It combines the luxurious perks of a boutique hotel with the privacy and independence of a Luxury Holiday Homestay. Paneru is a homestay, hotel like!

Experience Paneru

The observing, encountering, or undergoing of things generally as they occur in the course of time is called Experience. Homfortable Paneru is an experience in itself. It offers aesthetic experience. It offers experiential hospitality. It draws you into its interior spaces, it offers cozy environs. Paneru offers solitude and the luxury of space.


It offers the luxury of viewing Mussoorie Hills from the window, gaze into the forest from its doors, sit in its open air bathtub with a glass of wine and gaze into nothingness. Sprawl in its lawns to soak in the sun or enjoy meditation. It will offer you a picnic right in its lawns, it will offer on call hospitality, a personal chef and experience manager.

It will offer strolls into the forest by the riverside, it will offer you the experience of picking up pretty riverside stones, the soothing sound of goat bah and the cluck of a goat minder. It offers candle light dinners by the bath tub, it offers Garhwali cuisine in traditional style.

Nature’s Retreat

Take a stroll in the natural surroundings of Paneru. Trees contain essential oils that release into the forest air. When we walk under and among trees, we breathe in these near-magical oils, and that does a world of good for our health. Right away, our energy levels increase and we sleep better and longer too. It is an established fact that a two-hour walk among trees increases the amount of sleep by an average of 15 percent.

As one of our guests and Homfortable loyalist says, “Research tells you that the practice of Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, was developed in Japan, where life expectancy is among the highest in the world. It has become a foundation of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. Forest bathing creates calming neuropsychological effects through changes in the nervous system, reducing the stress hormone cortisol and boosting the immune system. After just 15 minutes of forest bathing, blood pressure drops, stress levels reduce, and concentration and mental clarity improves.
In nature, you have the opportunity and focus to think longer term, more intuitively, and deeper. You think about the things that will really make a difference, not what gets checked off your to-do list. You find the motivation and inspiration to do the hard work that will create a meaningful, purposeful legacy. Daily task lists go by the wayside, and real solutions emerge from the forest. You do what really matters! As soon as I enter the greens, I take a few minutes to meditate under one of the trees. It’s my time to re-evaluate myself, to move away from the chaotic, frenetic energy if the city to the calm, nature-inspired energy of the place I’ve escaped to. This “nature break”, as I call it, is my time to recalibrate and think about the world and myself in a holistic manner. This is my time to do the work that really matters.”


Paneru Food experience


Paneru is a full-service experiential homestay that caters to all your meal requirements. So don’t step out at all during your stay if you would not like. We have a full-service kitchen along with a chef and you can order freshly cooked Indian and Garhwali meals as you like. Also to note, Homfortable Paneru is by design fully and unapologetically vegetarian. You will have a small ala carte meal menu to make a choice for your meals from and we will request you to place your orders the previous day to help us make the necessary preparations. You can also ask us to order Chinese and Continental food on your behalf from our carefully curated nearby choice of cafes and restaurants. You shall receive all information in this regard on your check-in at the property.

Bespoke experiences

Homfortable Paneru offers you bespoke experiences in a Homestay setting. 

Speaking of some experiences -

  1. Breakfast Anytime How about not worrying to wake up at a particular time to make it for breakfast!? Our team will be at your service for breakfast, meals, and other services from 8 am until 10 pm and you can start your day with breakfast - at any time of the day as you enjoy a vacation without a schedule! 

  2. Open-air bathtub experience - Have you ever thought about enjoying an open-air bathtub experience? If not, now might be the time to do so! After all, there's nothing better than a long, relaxing soak in warm water on a holiday. And just imagine if you could do so sided by a garden with a forest view beyond. That is this lovely addition to Homfortable Paneru! Open air garden bathtubs are a beautiful concept and are a certain way to make your Homfortable experience memorable at Paneru. The romance of an open air bathtub is unparalleled and for that Paneru beckons you.

  3. Garhwali Thali Lunch – Enjoy a private and sumptous Garhwali thali lunch indoors or or outdoors in the lawns 

  4. River stream walk – If you are adventurous enough to brace the winter breeze, you can wade through a cool fresh water stream just 5 mins walk away from Paneru guided by our Experience Manager 

That Holiday in the Foothills of the Hills – The one that you never thought of! 

The Himalayan foothills, also known as the sub-Himalaya or the Shivaliks, is a majestic sight to look at! From Jammu, the Himalayan foothills culminates into a continuous zone through the Kangra valley, and then extend, through the Sirmaur district, to Dehradun, and further on the Bhabbar tracts of Garhwal and Kumaon. The foothills of a mountain or a range of mountains are the lower hills or mountains around its base.


Foothills offer you the experience of being surrounded by tall mountains and experience the magesticity of them. And Paneru situated somewhere in between Dehradun and Mussoorie does exactly that. It beckons you to reach out to the high hills and its tranquility will encourage you to self actualise. It declutters your mind as you sit on the stairs of the cottage and stare into oblivion. The vantage point is magical as you climb up the multi-level garden and get a clearer view of the Mussoorie Hills from a vista point. The mindless stroll through the large lawns and gardens will take your breath and your stress away as you unwind with the luxury of time and space.

Romance of Paneru and Romance with Paneru – A private affair

For most of us, romantic getaways are elusive, if not altogether impossible. Whether we spend it crunched together at home as a family, with parents managing kids’schooling, usual playdates, appointments, and extracurriculars, or cocooned at home with a significant other, we could all use some time away with the one we love. But nothing can beat the experience of a perfect romantic getaway. That experience can come in many forms, and we like to think that Homfortable Paneru has it all covered. 

Paneru allows you to romance the self and those you love. Paneru offers you idyllic experiences to give you the joy of doing nothing, observing surroundings, indulging in poignant discoveries, soothing music, warm firelight, starry nights, aimless strolls, artsy spaces and sumptuous food. Romance has always been a favourite muse for many artists, poets, and writers since the beginning. Add to that a dose of breathtaking views, lush forests and gardens, natural aroma and nature’s orchestra and it forms a complete romantic setting for you and your partner to soak in, evoke and rekindle the romantic wanderlust in you and your special someone. 

While there are many known and oft-repeated romantic destinations in India, but some newer offbeat destinations deserve special attention. A romantic and soulful journey to the foothills of Mussoorie is definitely worth the visit. And then with a Homfortable, romance is always in the air. Homfortable brings to you transformational experiences, experiences that are intimate and treasure trove of memories for a lifetime.  Experiences for the romantically adventurous. Experiences that are less ordinary to enrich the soul and rejuvenate the mind. If you are exploring a Romantic Homestay In Uttarakhand, Homfortable is a collective of unique intimate lifestyles with high and premium level of services, comfort and luxury.
While love will make you see any corner of the planet through rose-tinted glasses, there are certain destinations that lend themselves to romance. 


There are some charming and offbeat locations to consider. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, jetting off on your honeymoon, or merely seeking a getaway built for two, plan your trip with Homfortable. Couples looking for a hideaway to escape the everyday, will find seclusion specifically at Homfortable Paneru, an intimate and secluded experiential homestay known for its privacy and breath-taking views. So head to Homfortable Paneru if you are looking to celebrate your honeymoon, your anniversary, the birthday of your loved one or simply for some quiet private time away. Your search for Romantic Homestay In Uttarakhand stops here.

Things to do at Paneru – Best of Dehradun and Mussoorie


With Mussoorie just 40 mins drive away from Paneru, you can -



With Dehradun just 10 mins drive away from Paneru, you can -

  • Visit Tapkeshwar Temple

  • Visit Robbers Cave Dehradun

  • Visit Sahastradhara Dehradun

  • Visit Laxman Siddh Dehradun

  • Enjoy a trip to Malsi Deer Park, Dehradun

  • Visit the Paltan bazaar 

  • Drive around the Clock Tower 

  • Enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the boutique cafes or restaurants on Rajpur Road, Dehradun

  • Visit the Forest Research Institute

  • Visit the Mindrolling Monastery Dehradun

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