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Places to Visit in Landour

Landour is hidden in the Himalayan mist and covered in thick deodars and rhododendrons that are a fiery red. It makes you think of the British Raj. It's a different world of peace and lush views, five steep kilometres away from Mussoorie's crowded bazaars.

Every mountain lover should put Landour on their bucket list, but if you want a list of things to see or places to go, this is not the place for you. For a refreshing excursion, here is your pocket guide to Landour.

This is going to be one of the most peaceful and beautiful mountain walks of your life if you enjoy walking. You will have a surreal experience as you stroll through the misty Deodar Forest on the winding path, where the air is filled with the scent of wood and flowers are growing on the hillside.

Where to go: It only takes about 40 minutes to walk from the Mussoorie bazaar to the Char Dukan area in Landour. I also don't recommend hiring a cab from Mussoorie bazaar for INR 200-300.

Best Time to Visit Landour: Throughout the year, Landour is peaceful and pleasant. Due to the pleasant weather, the best time to visit Landour is from April to June. Although August and September are rainy, they are also one of Landour's most beautiful months.

Exploring the Town and Its Little Secrets Although this small, sleepy town doesn't have much to offer, there are a few things you shouldn't miss while you're here. Additionally, this Landour travel guide is all about those little secrets. Below are some best place to visit in Landour.

Cottage Ivy: While exploring Landour's backstreets

You might come across Ruskin Bond, a well-known author and one of the town's oldest residents. Ruskin's stories were written at Ivy Cottage, where we all grew up. The tall deodar trees that whisper to one another and the window he describes in his stories are equally mesmerising.

Area of Char Dukan: Historical Shops

In Landour, near Sister's Bazaar, there is a row of four historic shops called The Secluded Place Char Dukan. It is hidden away from the bustle of noisy tourists and busy roads. Foreigners frequently gather at Char Dukan to learn Hindi from Indian tutors.

Paul, St.: The Historic Church Stay

Do get close to nature and take a break from it from time to time by climbing a mountain or spending a week in the woods. Char Dukan is right next to the colonial-era church. Built in 1839, Bishop Daniel Wilson dedicated this Anglican Church in 1840. In this church, Christopher and Mary Corbett, Jim Corbett's parents, got married in 1859. Mussoorie' s oldest church is the Church of St. Paul.

The Kellogg's Chapel: Kellogg's Church

This beautiful church was built in 1903, has beautiful stained-glass windows and amazing gothic architecture in The Wilderness. Reverend Dr. Samuel H. Kellogg, who ran the Landour Language School, where British students learned Hindi, is honored with the church's name. You must pay a visit to this church, which is one of the best places in this Landour guide!

Prakash Retailer: Enjoy jams and marmalade

This shop has been around since 1928 and is made with fruits grown in the area. Equally delectable are their cheese, apple mint chutney, and peanut butter. This store also sells a lot of other things.

Where to Stay in Landour

  • Rokeby Manor is a heritage property that has been brought back to its 19th-century appearance. Rokeby is the ideal place to live in the wild, nestled in between Shivalik's rolling hills and Himalaya's lush valleys.

  • The historic Tabor Cottage has retro décor and a great view of Doon Valley. It's a cozy spot to escape the hustle and bustle for a few days.

  • Ivy Cottage is housed in the same building as Doma's Inn. This stunning hotel resembles a typical Tibetan family residence. The authentic Tibetan dishes are delicious and the décor in each room is tasteful.

  • Stay in Mussoorie : If you are looking for a luxury homestay in Mussoorie, do check Homfortable Paneru.

The old-world charm of Landour has stood the test of time. It is one of those places where peace continues to reign unaffected by commercialization. The tranquility and simplicity of this hamlet is the reason Ruskin Bond chose to live here. Therefore, select this land tour guide, plan your Uttarakhand vacation, and depart immediately!

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